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How to Identify When You Need Low Testosterone Treatment


 Low testosterone is a problem that affects men.  Testosterone is a male hormone that assists men in physical and sexual development.  It assists in the development of muscles and bone structure and it also assist in the development of sperms. The average number of testosterone hormones produced by an average man is about 300 to 1000 ng/dl. If a man produces less than 300, then they are assumed to have low testosterone.  When a man has this condition, it can be very challenging because it affects a number of issues. So how then can you identify when you have a low testosterone?



Testosterone affects the sexual development for a man. If you have very low testosterone it could affect your ability to reproduce. If you notice that you are unable to reproduce, you should consider going for a test to identify is you have a low testosterone problem.  Although impotence can be contributed to by this problem, it is not the only issues that affects the reproductive system.  Therefore, it is important to get a checkup.


Erectile Difficulties and Low Sexual Drive

Testosterone is among the variables that affect the erectile function of a man. When one has a low testosterone, they may not be in a position to get a spontaneous election or maintain an erection.  Testosterone has also been found to increase the sex drive of a man.  If you have a low libido, then it may be a sign that you have a low testosterone problem. Know more about testosterone at


Increased Body Weight and Reduction of Muscles and Bone Mass

For a man, the growth process mainly leads to development of muscles. However, men also increase the fat levels but not as fast as women. If you notice that you have an increase in fat and not muscles, then it may be an indication that you have a low testosterone problem. Testosterone assist in the development of muscles and bones. When you have a rapid increase in weight, it implies that you have increase a lot of fat and not muscles in most cases. If you notice such a change, then it is important to get tested for testosterone content, learn more!


Fatigue and Change in Mood

Testosterone affects a lot of functions including the mental functioning. When you have a low testosterone, you may realize that you have a change in moods. You may also experience fatigue even when you are well rested.


When you have a low testosterone, you need to get treatment. There are different treatments at that are available all you need to do is find a treatment that is good for you.